Wednesday, May 7, 2008

First one

Here we go. I finally decided to stop being lazy and start a blog. A few of my students have asked about things like what I do on my weekends, what I do over the summer, etc. As of today, I can just post it up here and send students to my blog if they are interested.

First thing I thought I'd talk about is the farmers' market that I attend in Boulder every Saturday. As I promised, I took some pictures, so here they are.

This is how the market looks when you first arrive. This is about an average sized crowd... it gets pretty busy! The first thing I do is walk from one end of the market to the other and check out what is there. One of the cool things about eating locally and seasonally like this is that things change from week to week, and it's pretty fun to watch for the produce arriving at the markets. It definitely keeps you aware of the passing seasons and how much we tend to take for granted!

The big challenge this weekend will be getting out to the market after graduation. In a perfect world, I will go to graduation, pop out to the market and pick up my produce for the next week, then back to Commerce City for a graduation party to which I was invited. Graduation is going to be great, but really hard for me. It means that I now have three children out of high school (how can I be that old??), and it also means that some of the students from the team that I have grown very close to will be leaving. All things change, and it helps to remember that.

More soon!


  1. i really really like this thing youve got going here and i will be writing you this summer.

  2. Awesome. Thanks for the feedback. :) I'll be sure to write you back, too!