Saturday, May 24, 2008

Busy, busy weekend!

Crazy busy this weekend. First was the farmers' market, of course, but along with it today was the Boulder Creek Festival. We met up with my friend, Waylon, who asked us to dog-sit Redford the Wonder-Ele-Dog, so off we went.

The place was PACKED. It was totally insane. Fun, but way too busy. The market was actually about half the normal size since the rest of the space, including the next street, was taken up by carnival rides and vendors. We hung out for a while and I did my shopping, then we got lunch and hung out at the festival for a while.

I was going to get more pictures of the festival, but I was so impressed by the flowers and how green it was just outside the Dushanbe Tea House, that I got a picture of that instead, then got distracted by the festival itself. Kashi was even there with some booths set up where they had samples of their cookies, granola bars and cereals... and a free yoga class!!! So I got to munch on some free Kashi food and do some free yoga in the Boulder Creek Park. Yay!

For the record, moving is not a lot of fun. My family and I are moving to a smaller townhouse this weekend, and it's really not anywhere near as much fun as you might think. We started on Friday, and I've barely moved any books. You can see my small bookshelf in the background about half empty... those books are in the new house, but I still have the rest of that bookcase, a much bigger one that's not in this picture, and another bookshelf in my basement.

It's going to be a LONG weekend! :-p

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