Thursday, May 22, 2008

First batch done... and new books!

Whew! The first batch of post-school meetings is over. I actually get a few days off until I have my next batch of meetings on June 3rd. So this weekend is farmers' market weekend AND it's the Boulder Creek Festival, so that should be pretty cool. I'll be sure to get some pictures and put them up. The other upside of having some time off is that I'll be able to get some reading done... yay!

Speaking of which, I'm up to about 75 books to have read by the end of summer. Yeah, I know... you would THINK the goal is to decrease the number by reading them, but Mr. Hansen gave me a $20 gift card to the Tattered Cover bookstore in Denver, and there is almost no place my will is so weak as in a bookstore. I mean... I had $20 to spend and of course, it was in a BOOKSTORE! I mean.... what else was I supposed to do? ;-)

So I picked up a couple more books and added them to the summer reading stack. I'd like to have Plan B 3.0 done by the end of next week. Not sure what I'll read next.... I'd only have 74 to choose from! ;-)

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