Monday, June 16, 2008


Finally did some yoga today... it had been a while since I'd done any, and it felt great. I'm definitely going to commit to making it a daily habit like I did last summer. It's much harder to do it every day during the school year, but there's no real excuse not to over the summer.

I downloaded some podcasts to my Zune yesterday; my next goal is to start experimenting with the Audacity software so that I can hit the ground running next year with my own podcasts. It really is my goal to have individual webpages for my classes, complete with podcasts. I'd put them up at the end of each day, and then take them down again on Sunday evening so as to not burn bandwidth. I figure if I leave them up until say, 10:00 on Sunday night, that should give my students plenty of time to listen to them/download them as needed. I'd take the notes down also since I'd also email them the notes anyway... hmm... seems redundant to post the notes and email them, so perhaps I'd email them the notes and then just post the podcasts. Either way, I'm really excited about it. (In case you couldn't tell... ha ha!)

Now if I could just find my climbing gear (it's buried in the garage somewhere), I could actually get out and climb!!!

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