Friday, June 6, 2008

The word of the day is "unicycle"

Today was my first "official" day of summer vacation, even though I still spent a good part of it discussing Global Learners and figuring out more ways to incorporate the technology into my classes. I figure that I'll take a "break" (I never really take a complete break from teaching... I spent part of my day today reading Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms by Will Richardson) for a couple of days, then plunge back into the technology I've recently been given and explore some of the sites I found during the training. I have a few lesson plans forming that I need to get down, and I'm thinking of going through for my own set of clickers, though we'll see about that. I'm more interested in the possibilities represented by WiziQ, blogs, podcasts, Smart Boards and Google docs. I'm thinking that I'll probably focus on those and make those my area of "expertise" at least for this year.

The big news was the new toy I picked up, courtesy of craigslist and $10... a spiffy unicycle. I have to admit that it's actually much harder to ride than I thought it might be, and definitely is going to help me work on my core strength. That being said, the thing is FUN. I actually was able to get going on it... for about six feet, which is my record so far.

A pretty fun way to start my summer.

Yeah, I look GOOD... well, I did for about six feet anyway.

The Matrix... unicycle style!


  1. Cool unicyle, I can't believe you got it for only 10 bucks, be careful!

  2. LOL. OMG how could I have missed that? Well, you'll have to show me all about it when I get back. XD All I can think of is "do-do-dodadodododododo". That's the circus theme by the way. lol.