Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Almost over and more farmers' market fun

Had my first pre-new school year meetings today; more next week, and then I'm back full time... my summer is nearly over. It's been "interesting" this summer, and so in some ways, I'm not entirely heartbroken to be going back. Not only that, but with a new high school building and the IB Academy about to be officially launched, I'm actually pretty excited.

This past week I picked up some goat meat at the farmers' market. That's right... goat meat. Tonight's menu was grilled goat ribs rubbed with fresh garlic and fresh rosemary, grilled corn on the cob, and purple potatoes mashed with parmesan cheese and tarragon. Yum! I'd had goat before, but my son hadn't... he liked it. The goat, corn, and potatoes all came from the farmers' market, as did the garlic and rosemary; the butter in the potatoes was homemade from local cream. So much tasty goodness!

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  1. Hey Todd -- I didn't see an email address, so I thought I would contact you here. I teach IB English in a DYP in Land O Lakes, FL. I saw you Twitter, so I thought I could pick your brain about using Twitter with my IB/AP kids. You can email me at dblolgs [at] gmail [dot] com. It would be great to connect with another IB teacher!