Saturday, July 5, 2008

Busy, busy day

Wow... what a day. Up at 6:20 and off to the Farmers' Market to pick up the things I needed for the week. We got there early enough that I was able to relax with a cup of coffee and a muffin before hitting the farm stands. Then it was back home to get Kyle and Blake off to work; I then went and got the Elevision: Free Tibet flyers printed and cut so I could pass them out at the World Tibet Day celebration in Boulder. After that, it was back home for a quick shower (riding a bike in 95+ degree heat has a way of making one sweaty and smelly), and bring Kyle his lunch. Blake only had to work part of the day, so I picked him up and took him with me off to Boulder. The World Tibet Day event was great. I got the chance to meet the President of the Tibetan Association of Colorado, Tenzin Dhongyal, who graciously took time to chat about the Elevision event even though he was incredibly busy at the time.

We missed the Tibetan Folk Dancers, which was too bad, but we did get to see Boulder Taiko HIBIKI perform. I LOVE Taiko performances, and theirs was great.

Blake even got the chance to try his hand at Taiko drumming. Since he's a drummer, he said it was pretty easy for him.

Meanwhile, Kyle was busy at work, baking in the hot sun... poor guy.

Check it out!! After a few burps and false starts, my raw milk delivery started today... this is me with my first two half gallons... woohoo!

And all of this before 4:00... like I said... busy, busy day! :)

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